Gorgeous Backyard Landscaping Redesign Services Before And Afters

Transform your backyard into a captivating space that you and your family can truly enjoy. Backyard design features such as sculpted hedges, pavers and fire pits create pathways that are practical and attractive.

Avoid design elements that require consistent upkeep, such as ponds or water features. These items can become a burden and may not pay off in the long run.


Walkways offer a chance to show off your back garden while preventing erosion, and helping with weed control. You can choose to create a walkway from your front door, through a garden area or to a backyard patio. You can also add a seating area or even a pergola to frame your yard.

Sculptured hedges and perennial flowers can be used to make paths look more attractive, while adding easy-care maintenance. A Backyard Redesign Services can also provide a complete hardscape plan for your yard, including driveway installation and brick or stone paving.

In this client’s case, a new walkway and seating area were designed to replace a water-intensive lawn with an eye-catching landscape that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Angi’s network can help you design the entire landscape around your home or just a small portion to fit your budget.


If you have an overgrown backyard, plantings can make the difference. They provide structure, utility and create microclimates that help keep your yard healthy and organized.

Whether you are looking for low maintenance, drought tolerant, shade tolerant, fragrant or pollinator friendly plants, we can help. We also take into consideration the soil type and drainage problems of your property.

We’ll start with a video, photos and measurements of your space and your priority list. We will then work with you to design the ideal landscape for your home. You’ll receive photorealistic 3D designs of your back yard and a consultation with a “Plant Expert” to discuss the plant choices in detail. Then we’ll send you quotes from contractors in your area for actually putting the design into place.

Fire Pits

Fire adds warmth and comfort to outdoor living spaces, drawing people together. We have a variety of fire pit designs from which to choose that will fit your lifestyle and home design.

Sapphire blue furnishings take color cues from the sky views in the background, binding this tucked-away fire pit to the broader design through a common element. The wide built-in concrete seating area tucks snugly into the corner of the TimberTech deck, allowing room for a dining table and a pergola overhead. Vines and a spread of groundcover planting lend softness and rustle Spring through Fall.

Open edges and a consistent planting palette allow each space to flow seamlessly into the next. The addition of a prefab water feature further enhances the sense of connection and tranquility. Water features also draw wildlife such as birds, butterflies and dragonflies to your yard.


Pavers can add value to your home by creating an attractive and organized outdoor space that is easy to maintain. They also help to reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, reducing the need for costly drainage solutions.

Backyard landscaping with pavers can transform a backyard into an inviting, relaxing environment for entertaining and spending time with family and friends. We can help you choose the best laying pattern for your paver project, such as running bond, which is where the pavers are laid in straight lines with half a paver offset each row, or herringbone, which uses a zig-zag pattern to create an elegant appearance.

This backyard was overgrown with weeds and a small concrete slab patio. Navid used a combination of fresh landscaping and pavers to transform this backyard into a beautiful and functional space for dining, lounging and relaxing.


Lighting can help set the mood and highlight a back yard feature like a statue, unique rock garden, or even your home’s walls. Add well-lighting to accentuate the colors of the trees or create a spotlight effect on a water feature.

Landscape lighting techniques not only bring beauty to your backyard but also add safety and functionality as the sun goes down. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing yard with lights or incorporate them into a full redesign, we can help. Our designers work closely with each client to understand their needs and visions for their outdoor space.